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Three hundred hectares of age-old woods with protected and reserved truffle grounds...a Romanesque parish church from the 13th century D.C. which gives it's name to the estate dominating the striking valley between Assisi and Spoleto. All of this is San Pietro a Pettine, a place for the soul as it was for St. Francis who loved to stay here, and as it still is for us today. 

Italian-born chef Giacomo Marinello brings authentic Italian cooking to Chicago with an emphasis on combining simple ingredients to create incredible flavors.

Giacomo received his training working up the ranks at one of the finest Michelin-starred restaurants in London, Locanda Locatelli. It was there Giacomo sharpened his culinary skills under the mentorship of the owner and celebrity chef Giorgio Locatelli. It wasn't long before Giacomo was assisting Locatelli with preparing menus for some of the most exclusive private dinners in London. Giacomo's work with Locatelli gained the attention of Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai where he was asked to assist with training the staff for their grand opening.

After moving to Chicago, Giacomo began working as a private chef and menu consultant. While working in Chicago kitchens, he realized the quality of certain ingredients to be lacking, particularly the truffles. Giacomo founded his own company, Marinello Tartufi, to import the world's finest truffles and truffle products from the legendary Italian San Pietro a Pettine estate in Umbria, Italy to America. By working directly with this three generations old supplier, Giacomo is able to ensure that his customers are receiving the freshest quality products year round. Marinello Tartufi began bringing these truffles to the states for the first time in late summer 2014 and currently sells the truffle products in Chicagoland Mariano's markets and from coast to coast. 

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